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CHSCOTTENTERPRISES is a business strategy, management advisory and technology consulting company that provides high-quality services to start-up, small business, and medium-sized business organizations. We deliver the business intelligence, leadership development and technology solutions that quickly allow our clients' to overcome the new challenges and complexities impacting their enterprises.

Over the past decade, technology has radically changed the world we live in. CHSCOTTENTERPRISES remains at the forefront of that change and our business has grown because we have understood how to leverage technology and innovation to provide immediate value to our clients.

CHSCOTTENTERPRISES: News and Media Releases

Pay raises are coming for many Delta Air Lines employees.
September 17, 2015 - The carrier said Wednesday it will boost base pay by 14.5% for many of its employees. The carrier also will up its match on employee 401(k) contributions from 5% to 6%. "When combined with the April (annual pay) increases, pay rates for most employees will be up 18% or more in 2015, providing you with record pay raises in a year of record profits. Few companies can match that," Delta CEO Richard Anderson and President Ed Bastian said in a Wednesday memo to employees. While Delta is moving to boost base pay, it also will change its profit-sharing formula. The new profit-sharing formula "could boost payouts after lean years but might reduce them after highly profitable years such as 2014."...Read More

Google Apps Admins Security Alert!
March 10, 2015 - Cloud storage services are being subjected to a phishing campaign in which hackers seek to steal people's login details, according to the security vendor Proofpoint. Users of Google Apps are allegedly under particular threat from the attackers, who have created spoof websites that plausibly mimic the legitimate services, enticing victims with the offer of annuities advice. "Credential phishing remains a popular technique by malware campaigners,...Read More

Google Apps For Admins New Features.

What's New for Google Apps Admins.
December 23, 2014 - As an administrator of your Google Apps account, you'll enjoy a new way of managing your users' services from the cloud. This can be as simple as adding users to your account, activating their email, and letting them start using services. But Google Apps gives you additional controls over your users' data and security that we recommend you take advantage of. Here are some key tips for managing Google Apps for your organization...Read More