Real-Time Location

Hospital Client Seeks Real-Time Location System

It has been documented that in hospitals that implement real-time locating systems allow nursing and clinical staff to lower by at least one hour per shift the searching for equipment. In many facilities Biomedical Engineers can spend half their day locating equipment for preventative maintenance, cleaning and repair. The lack of equipment visibility increases wait times, can severely impact staff productivity, create increased costs by adding redundant equipment purchases, adding unnecessary rental equipment and impacting overall patient flow. These common consequences can be costly to a hospital, and impact safety and timely patient care.

CHScottEnterprises Real Time Location Systems and Solutions (RTLS) increases visibility throughout the hospital that may not currently be seen. Additionally helping hold resources accountable for their actions and providing both a transparent and consistent way to increase equipment visibility to all staff and improving patient flow.

Our Solution

A detailed analysis and plan using facility specific information provides the process improvement methodology for improved outcomes realized through the implementation of RTLS applications and service offerings. CHScottEnterprises workflow analysis focuses on true process improvement, not simply task improvement, and outlines recommendations based on technology, applications, people, and best practice identification to ensure that patient ready equipment is at the right place at the right time.

Business process improvement consulting from CHScottEnterprises allows hospitals to leverage RTLS from an enterprise perspective, with deep expertise and knowledge of the problems hospitals face and the ways they really work. Our RTLS Workflow consulting is customized to meet individual needs. Our experience in managing patient flow and capacity management enables us to help you manage costs, improve accuracy in documenting equipment status and history, help reduce risk management situations, return nursing time to patient care, streamline operations and make the most of your owned resources.

Our clients engage CHScottEnterprises to perform RTLS Workflow Analysis and ROI Estimates to identify the best RTLS Vendor solution and installation services that are appropriate for their facilities. This is especially relevant for hospital systems with more than one location.


Our client engaged CHScottEnterprises to perform RTLS Workflow Analysis and ROI Estimates to identify the best RTLS Vendor solution and installation services appropriate for their environment. This was especially relevant as this hospital system would implement in more than one facility and across multiple locations.

The end result was an efficient and cost-effective selection. Our client is now a safer hospital that delivers better patient care enhanced through the use of Real Time Location.


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