IT-Risk Management

Why an embedded change agent should matter to senior leadership?

While project management focuses on the discipline of delivering the technical, administrative and functional aspects of business projects, our embedded change agents focus on the people (business) side of project delivery.

Embedding a CHScottEnterprises change agent into an organizations project management office or within key projects prepares the business for the transition from “how we do things now” to “how we will need to do things in the future.” An organization must insure that the project management office clearly engages the right people, systems, processes and technology in a timely fashion to ensure successful outcomes that meet the expectations of the organizations senior leadership.

Embedded Change Agents Improve Project Outcomes

How can embedded change agents deliver successful outcomes for business projects?

A critical way to ensure that the Information Technology organization delivers value as a business partner is to ensure the programs and projects they lead are successfully delivered in support with the strategic business objectives.

While program and project management are a vital part of successful delivery, embedding change agents from CHScottEnterprises into the delivery of key programs or projects increases senior leaderships ability to achieve successful outcome.

Our Solution

Why is a successful project management office critical to senior leadership?

Projects are approved by senior leaders to achieve improvements in business performance by making critical changes to processes, systems, tools, resource skills and organizational structures which ultimately require key contributors to perform their jobs while meeting the expectations of senior leaders. Within many project management organizations there exist a disconnect between expectations and outcomes.

If the program and project managers within the business are not effectively engaged and properly managing toward senior leaderships expectations, then the opportunity for success throughout the business can be lost. During the implementation of many new programs and projects, the number one obstacle to success is employee resistance.


Steps to Embed Change

As a strategic partner to your business, IT cannot afford to experience continued lackluster performance or results within program or project rollouts. Senior leaders can embed CHScottEnterprises change agents using our 7 step process. Organizations leveraging CHScottEnterprises embedded change agents quickly start down the road to engaging the business (people) and setting technology projects up for success.

The 7 steps utilized by CHScottEnterprises embedded change agents to ensure IT projects engage the business (people) and thereby deliver the benefits to the business (as a strong strategic partner) are listed below:

    1. It starts from the top with strong and effective sponsorship from senior leaders.
    2. Get the right people in the right places to ensure appropriate and fit-for-purpose resourcing.
    3. Engage the business with “what’s in it for me” through clear articulation and communication on the benefits for individuals, teams and the organization.
    4. Get engagement/buy-in from individuals, teams and the organization by listening to and supporting the business concerns from all stakeholders across the business.
    5. “Show, don’t just tell’ – Excellent communication in all its forms (actions, behavior, spoken, written, group and individual) need to demonstrate how change will benefit the business.
    6. Be aligned – strong alignment between project managers and change managers is essential to ensure they are rowing the same boat.
    7. Facilitate action and feedback by hearing concerns, taking action and soliciting continual feedback.


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